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Black, 43, who married Olympic diver Tom two months ago in a ceremony in the UK, said: 'When someone is so hungry for power that they will sell out an entire people that they supposedly represent, I think that's disgusting and I'm saying that about your Prime Minister right now.'Making that deal with the DUP who does not respect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people equally - that is disgusting.'It's disgusting because it's hurtful and it's harmful, it crushes self-esteem, it crushes lives and some lives are literally at stake and in the name of power a Prime Minister has made a deal to hold onto it it's very, very sad'.

The DUP has repeatedly vetoed marriage equality for same-sex couples in Ulster and has limited enthusiasm for LBGT rights.

Black is a flattering bikini hue to choose, not that Kimberley needs any help with her fab figure!She's newly-single following the break-up of a three-year relationship.Yet Kimberley Garner proved she wouldn't be moping as she headed out on a relaxing boat trip in Capri, Italy.The first year I noticed this, I jokingly told my friends, “Y’all aren’t going to leave me out of the photo just because I didn’t bring a date this year! Every year, we continued to take this silly picture, and I tried to outdo myself from the year before by making a really awkward face or hugging myself. MN: Easterling: I thought they were completely ridiculous, disrespectful and hurtful, but I didn’t take it personally because they were strangers. I was fascinated by the idea that people, who have no idea about who I am, who my friends are, or why we were on the trip, had drawn very specific conclusions about the intention of the photo.I knew that I needed to respond, but it needed to be in a thoughtful and intentional way.

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Travelling in style, the 27-year-old designer sailed through the seas on a £200million superyacht in Capri, Italy, where she was joined by Canadian F1 driver Lance Stroll, 18.