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Custom controls are rather special, with the logic being de-coupled from the XAML in order to support templating.

For most needs, the simpler user control is more appropriate.

I can provide a zip file of the VS2015 solution, however its pretty big (65MB) with all the XAM stuff.

This blog post provides step-by-step instructions for creating a user control, which exposes bindable properties, in WPF and Silverlight.

This code is individual depending on the implementation.

In real life, the updatepanel of the thumbnail list contains some sort of iterateable list (a repeater for example).

However, if I recycle the application pool in IIS and then refresh the page, the new changes can be seen.From participating in sites like Stack Overflow I have noticed that whilst most people understand how to create a user control, which allows them to 'stamp out' the same XAML in multiple places, many struggle with how to make their user controls flexible by exposing properties that configure how it looks or behaves.This blog post will walk through a simple example, showing you how to create a user control, add dependency properties, wire them to the user control XAML and make a truly re-useable control.Is it possible to have pages with more than one update panel, and allowing these panels to talk to each other? Imagine this example: You have a page that mimmicks a Windows Explorer.At the left side you have a tree structure, and the right side is a list of icons.

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