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De Rossi appears to have adapted to the new scrutiny by combining her characteristic guardedness with select moments of openness, still refusing to say much about her sexuality on the record — telling magazine “As much as I’d like to tell you about my private life, if I did, it wouldn’t be private” — but saying a little more now than she used to, and openly attending high-profile events with De Generes (something she almost never did with Gregorini).De Rossi and De Generes made their first public appearance together at an after-party for the Golden Globes in January, and then attended the SAG Awards and the Grammys together in the weeks following. While public interest in her television series continues to be limited, the public’s interest in her personal life has taken off since she began dating Ellen De Generes in December. It’s not a passion of mine to become political in any way, but I do think it’s important to see gay men and women having big careers and very full, rich lives.”The fact that de Rossi answered the question at all — and that she used the “g” word, the first time she’s done so on the record — is the latest sign of a small but significant strategy shift in how de Rossi publicly handles her personal life.While de Rossi may not be happy with all the attention focused on her personal life, she is becoming more comfortable with it, as evidenced by her response in a recent interview with style magazine “If I told you I haven’t really thought about it, you probably wouldn’t believe me. In the past, de Rossi has consistently shied away from saying anything about her personal relationships in interviews, never officially acknowledging her well-known (in entertainment circles, at least) relationship with girlfriend Francesca Gregorini, but never denying it either.» The former girlfriend of Ellen De Generes is considering legal action against both the comedienne and her new lover, Ally Mc Beal actress Portia De Rossi.Chat show host De Generes ended her four-year relationship with photographer-director Alexandra Hedison last month and is now sharing her Hollywood mansion with De Rossi, who recently split up with Ringo Starr's step-daughter Francesca Gregorini.

Tribe 8, the lesbian queercore band’s wild stage antics earned them a huge punk following.6.

When I hear celebrities talking about their marriages or other things that are intensely personal, I cringe. It’s like desperate attention-seeking.”But de Rossi and Gregorini’s break-up in December put de Rossi — and her sexuality — in the spotlight because of the other party involved: Ellen De Generes, perhaps the most visible out lesbian in American pop culture today (who was also in a committed relationship at the time with girlfriend Alexandra Hedison, which made the story even more irresistible for the media).

As Tammy Lynn Michaelsquickly discovered when she and Melissa Etheridge became involved, you can’t start dating one of America’s Lesbian Sweethearts and expect to stay closeted — something de Rossi surely knew when she began dating De Generes.

This list originally started as the Top 10 Lesbian/Bisexual Musicians of all time, but once I got going, I could not stop.

I did limit it to the top 30 lesbian, bisexual, and even one transgender musician and/or band.

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