Dating haram

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Dating haram

Islam has given this freedom of choice to both young men and women - they cannot be forced into a marriage that they don't want.

" You commit no sin by announcing your engagement to the women, or keeping it secret. Do not meet them secretly, unless you have something righteous to discuss.

We should realize, that while it is natural to be embarrassed to discuss such aspects of Islam with them, it is infinitely better for them, that we impart the correct knowledge of an Islamic way of life to them, than allow them to acquire the totally wrong concept of �love� from books, television, movies, and their friends and environment.

It should be explained to each teenager that the pre-marital relationships, the engagements, etc to which we attach such a great deal of importance in this world have nothing but a negative bearing on our lives in the aakhirah.

And when they read romance novels, this theory is further reinforced - for, in the classic teen romance novel, the girl without a boyfriend, or �sweet sixteen and never been kissed� is the poor, laughing stock, who doesn�t have a date to the �prom.� And on the pages of a typical adult romance novel, the heroine is always a successful, beautiful career woman, but, she feels, that �something� is lacking in her life..that �something� is naturally a man.

She might see someone at school, who is popular, and good-looking [i.e.

So for example we focus on having the same views and opinions on religious matters, how we intend to live our lives e.g.

how we want to raise our kids, what our interests and goals are etc.

If dating is haram, Is there any better way to show that I love her without dating?

I am talking many times to Muslim brothers and it's very possible I'll embrace it. My question is: Is there no way of dating before marriage?

However I have recently come closer and closer to Islam. I am talking many times to Muslim brothers and it's very possible I'll embrace it.

The first �crush�/infatuation our daughters experience in relation to members of the opposite sex, is often linked to false perceptions about �dating,� perceptions to which a wide variety of factors contribute.

It is no strange co-incidence that girls grow up believing that a boyfriend is the key to happiness...after all they have barely started walking, when the stories of the poor ill-treated Cinderella, saved only by a dashing prince, and the beautiful Snow White woken up by a prince, and the doomed Rapunzel, saved from the tower by..else - a dashing hero, are told to them.

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In Islam we aim to cut problems from the root, so anything which may lead to relations outside of marriage is prohibited.