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Poor communication can lead to kids who "turn off" adults, conflicts and bickering, and feelings of worthlessness.Adults sometimes have difficulty communicating positively with children when feelings are involved-either their own or the child's.Give her time to look at you before you start speaking.(Example: "Sarah." Wait until she stops playing with the doll and looks at you.) Communication is more effective if both people are on the same level. It should show that you are serious and expect the child to comply.Without realizing it, adults teach bullying behavior to children by modeling it when they use the threat of their physical size or power to make children do things. two” at a young child, I always wonder what the child has been told will happen if the parent gets to three.Is it the threat of a spanking, being yelled at, time out, abandonment (I’m going without you) or the withdrawal of love and approval?

Our resorts are very family-focused and our terms and conditions specify that large adult-only groups are accepted at the resort director's discretion.‘During term time we have large numbers of tots and toddlers on our family breaks and feedback from our guests shows that the children on these breaks often find large all-adult groups very intimidating.If you're the parent of a shy child, it can be frustrating to watch your kid struggle, especially if you're the outgoing type.The key is to help him work with, rather than against, his natural tendencies, says Bernardo J. D., director of the Shyness Research Institute at Indiana University Southeast, in New Albany. But they feel inhibited, which causes them a lot of pain."Who are you people?"I don't want to do it," he muttered, leaving me standing by the open door and listening to the shouts over the fields, wondering what to do. We sign him up for activities, receive party invitations, or even attend family functions, and my normally exuberant son quickly shrinks into the shadows.Participating in social activities is a big jump out of his comfort zone.

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Most of us are familiar with the phrase “or else.” We did what we were told out of fear even if we didn’t know what the “or else” would be.

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