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At worst, I had minorly oily skin that a toilet seat blotter could easily handle.Then, around age 23 I was hit with a DEBILITATING CASE OF CYSTIC ACNE.Tread carefully, do a patch test before applying any pimple cream all over the face.It is believed that being natural, such pimple creams will take time to work.

The lower face distribution often argues more for a ‘hormonal’ cause and hormonal treatments are hence more effective.” I also learned that because the cystic acne is “under the skin” as opposed to say, white heads, of course putting topical products on the top of my skin wouldn’t do much.

If blocked pores become infected or inflamed, a pimple -- a raised red spot with a white center -- forms.

If the pore clogs, closes, and then bulges, you have a whitehead.

If your mom and dad had acne, chances are good that you will, too.

But there are many ways to prevent (and treat) acne today to keep the condition minimal, prevent scarring, and leave your skin glowing.

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